Diamond TC Paint & Quarter Horses
              Breeding Contract 200
Breeding Contract for the year of 2009.
To the Stallion:_______________________________________________________________
To The Mare_______________________________ Breed & Reg#________________________
Owned By___________________________________________________________________
All Mares coming to Diamond TC, Must have a current Negative Coggins.
All Mares, Must be Clean from Infection or Illness.
All Mares, Must be Halter Broke to Lead and Tie.
Mare Owner will need to have copy of Reg. papers and original coggins papers on arrival at our farm.
It is Best that, Your Mare has been Vaccinated and Wormed before arrival at farm.
We At Diamond TC, Strive to Provide the Best Mare Care we Can give to your mare, and or mare and foal, while at
our farm.
Diamond TC Family, Owners, or Employees, Will NOT BE Responsible, For: Illness, Accidents, or Death of your
mare and or foal while your mare and or foal is on our farm.(Horses are Horses, and sometimes accidents happen)
We try our Best to keep all stalls and turnout pens safe and clean.
Photos will be taken upon arrival of your mare and foal, and will go into your mares records, photos will also be
taken upon your mares departure from our farm.
Our Horses are part of our family,I am here 24-7and have been in the Horse Business for the past 40 yrs. Horses
are my second nature to no them.
Our Veterinarian is: Dr John Allen DVM, Mobile Veterinarian Service. A Supurb Equine Doctor, We have used his
services for many years.
All Vet Fees if any,are to be paid by the mare owner, and to be paid in full before mare leaves our farm. We do
Recommend leaving your mare long enough for a sonogram, to be vet checked in foal,(16 days and at 24 days for
a heart beat).
We Live Cover Only at this time. I also use a miniature stallion for teasing breeding mares.
9 Mare Care Fee: $10.00 a day, wet or dry.
Your mare will be fed, coastal/alfalfa, oats/14 o/o pellet mix, while she is here.
9 Stallion Fee: $400.00
All Fees (Breeding Fee, Mare Care, Vet Services) are to be paid in full before your mares leaves our farm. I will
provide you a breeders certificate at that time. All Fees Are Not Refundable
If All Fees have been paid in full and your mare does not settle in foal in the year of 200
9, you will be allowed for a
10 return breeding to the same mare . Mare owner will still have to pay mare care and vet fees. I will require a
Vets statement that your mare did not settle and did not produce a foal. I do give a Live Foal Guarantee. ( To
Stand and Nurse).
If all is Agreed with Mare Owner, Please Sign and Date:
Mare Owner:___________________________    Breeding Dates:__________________________
Address:        ___________________________     Mare Care Fees:___________days X $
10.00 day
                       ___________________________                                =   __________________________
                       ___________________________     Vet Fees:_______________________________
Phone#:         ___________________________                       _______________________________
Cell#               ___________________________     Stallion Fee:_____________________________
Email:             ___________________________     Total Due:______________________________
Date Mare Arrived:_______________________
Date Mare Leaves:_______________________