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Paint & Quarter Horses
Teddy & Cathy Adcock
Emory, Texas 75440
APHA # 433925
Sor/Overo Stallion
15-1h, 1300lbs
"Class" has 54 APHA Halter pts
10 Fee: $750.00
Live Cover Only, LFG
$10 day mare care
Neg. Coggins Required
Mares Must Be Halter Broke
Class is the most Gentle and Kindest Stallion, I have ever known. A True Gentle Giant. A Quality
Trait, Plus Confirmation, Color, and the Bloodlines to Boot. Class has two Beautiful Big Blue Eyes.
He is a Wonderful Easy Going Stallion. His Foals should Halter and Ride. His Bloodlines Prove that.
2009 foals will begin ariving in Jan 09 out of some quality mares. Quality Mare Care will be given
to your mare and foal. Live Foal Guarentee. Dr John Allen DVM , Equine Mobile Veteriarian
Service.  Visitors, Always Welcome.   Add a Little Class to your Barn with a Breeding to Classifiable.
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